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Materials & Techniques

Custom Framing
At Majik Touch Picture Framing the "custom" in custom picture framing means creating a finished product that is unique to the customer. Through our design process, your framed piece becomes a "one of a kind" object.    
  • Conservation framing techniques are used to insure the lasting quality of your treasure.
  • We use acid free mats which prevent deterioration and discoloration. We have numerous mats to choose from; paper, rag, linen, suede, textured, and more.
  • Our Tru Vue conservation glass reflects 99% of damaging ultra violet rays. You have a choice of conservation clear, conservation reflection control and museum glass. We also offer regular and conservation plexi glass.
  • We offer a variety of frame mouldings; oak, pine, barn wood, and reclaimed wood. We also can do intricate matting; double mats, oval cuts, and special cutouts.

Reclaimed Wood Frames
Our handmade reclaimed wood frames are made from various woods that are up to 100+ years old. The wood is kiln-dried which kills any insect larvae. We include a label to tell you what your frame is made of. No two frames are ever alike and are sure to enhance your treasure.


Majik Touch Picture Framing has a lamination process that seals your document under a protective film that is adhered to a mounting surface (MDF board). These laminated plaques offer an increased protection against UV rays, are washable and durable, and have finished beveled edge contours which replace glass and a frame.

Why laminate?
  • Plaque lamination adds a permanent protection to all documents.
  • It enhances the quality of your documents.
  • It's a contemporary and economic alternative for wall decoration.

What can be laminated?
You can laminate any document up to 4' by 8' that you want to provide a permanent protection and stylish look to.

Some ideas are:
Photos, Digital Photos/Prints, Posters, Sketches and Pictures, Maps, Blueprints, Certificates and Diplomas, Newspaper Clippings, and more! 


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